Best Pain Treatment Without Drugs

Ah! It is (almost) instant relief after you have swallowed the first painkiller with a glass of water. But for those who need to be admitted to pain clinic jacksonville fl treatment and therapy, it can never be so clear, cut and dried. The pain may only be brief and temporary. It could be intermittent. It comes and it goes, and that, on its own, is usually quite frustrating. But imagine having to live with excruciating pain for the rest of your life.

This is the pain of the terminally ill patient. This is the pain of a patient who has been grossly injured and is suffering high levels of physical trauma. Add to that the mental stress of having to put up with high levels of pain and discomfort. There is a degree of positive irony, if it can be called that, in this storyline. Because apart from the fact that prescribed painkilling medications are generally becoming ineffective as the day grows longer, such patients are either strongly advised against utilizing such medications or strictly forbidden to do so.

This is mainly due to the severe side effects that could occur as a result of taking such strong medication under such vulnerable circumstances. But even where little to no side effects exist, there are further consequences. Unbeknown to any treating specialist practitioner even, the patient in question could become addicted or wholly dependent on the drugs, even in spite of the fact that it is doing little to reduce pain.

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And furthermore, where the prescribed painkillers are working, it is not long before the effects wear off. Apart from the dependency, the body adapts to the drug almost as though it were a natural part of it. Speaking of which. Mother Nature beckons.